Our Services

In this few years, we started to provide value-added service to our precious customers. It means that we can undergoes a special ameliorate process according to customer preference. Generally, the frozen seafood products that can be used to undergo value-added service are cuttlefish fillet, vannamei shrimp, black tiger shrimp and so on.


To make our value customers to have more option to choose, our frozen seafood products are usually coming from many countries such as China, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Yemen, Pakistan, India, Oman and so on. Besides that, a bundle of raw seafood such as Sardine, Cuttlefish, Bonito Tuna and Indian Mackerel are getting from local and undergoes a special mechanical processing. Only the best quality of the product will be selected and packed before distribute to our local and foreign customers.


The growth in distribution network has always been in hand with the expansion of its processing unit to ensure that our market base is able to meet the increasing demands with products of impeccable quality. As the year passed by, we are now able to supply our frozen seafood products to local, nationwide and even worldwide. We currently export the frozen seafood such as Indian Mackerel, shrimp and cuttlefish to the other countries which include Japan, China, Indonesia, Thailand, USA, Hong Kong and so on. Also, we are supply the best quality frozen seafood to the local retailer, fish market, seafood restaurant, and vendor.