Production Line

Once the raw material of seafood such as Indian Mackerel, Sardine, Cuttlefish and so on are reached, it will directly send to the production department to undergo a series of strictly hand-picked procedure for instead cut off parts, differentiate size, ice glazing, and packing. All the raw material from natural-catching are carefully picked to ensure only the most quality seafood are being selected. As a leading frozen seafood supplier, we are brought in the high technology machine called Twin Spiral Individual Quick Freezing (IQF). This machine not only can shorten the time in handling the frozen fish (ice glazing) but also can reduce the cost in long-term. Most importantly, it makes the whole process of production more effectively and efficiency.

Packing Room :

This is the place where the workers will packed the seafood inside the master carton and arranged the cartons in one pallet before keeping inside the cold room. Some of the workers will in charge in packing the seafood inside the plastic, some will participate in arranging the master cartons, some will record the information, while some of the workers will take the responsibility in sealing the master carton with tape.

Cold Storage :

To accommodate more goods, we had expand our cold room capacity to 4500 tonne which is wider than the old cold room. Besides that, our cold storage is specifically set up next to the production department to ensure the freshness of our seafood products. All of our frozen seafood products are kept under a very low temperature (-25 degree Celsius) to make sure the goods are handled with care and in good condition. To avoid the temperature drop rapidly, the workers are advised keep opening and closing of cold room door to a minimum.

Loading Bay :

Loading bay is an area where the trucks, lorries, and container trucks are loaded and unloaded. This is the place where we distribute our frozen seafood products to our value customers in daily. The forklift driver’s responsibility is to take out the pallet of the goods in correct amount once get the customer order.